About Us

As a trusted brand for market research reports, IR has been catering to the clients globally. We help the business to get the reports tailored to their needs with accurate statistics and market research. Our research team goes above and beyond guidelines. With extensive knowledge in different research techniques, we ensure the quality of each project. IR constantly works on finding new ways to make research more interesting, more useful and laser focused for our clients. Our outstanding attention to the detail differentiates us from our competitors.

We make sure that the high-quality work delivered ethically and professionally. Our proven process helps us maximize the response rates resulting in more accurate sampling. Our quantitative and qualitative approaches result in a holistic view of your customers and their purchase journey, makes our reports reliable to support your business goals.

What Goals Can You Achieve Through Our Reports?

You will get the information that will help you make the decision on the following challenges

  • Diversifying your business from the competitors
  • Benefit from new market opportunities
  • Loading any idle production capacity
  • Penetrating and Boost your sales on the overseas markets
  • Increasing your profit margins & reducing the production & supply chain costs
  • Making a sustainable supply chain
  • Ways to outsource production to other countries
  • Preparing your business for the global expansion

How Can Our Reports Help You to Grow Your Business?

Know more how to grow your business


Who are looking for new profitable markets and products, diversifying production, trying to reduce costs and establishing a sustainable supply chain.

Distributors &Wholesalers

Who are searching for new profitable markets and suppliers, trying to reduce supply chain costs, as well as developing own production facilities.


Who are interesting in starting new investment projects, as well as controlling ongoing ones.

Consultants & Advisors

Who are conducting marketing research and developing marketing and sales strategies, as well as conducting feasibility studies of investment projects for clients.


Know about our AI in brief


Data Collection

A company-developed ‘robot’ is used at the data collection and processing stage; it receives the bulk of the data from a variety of sources that provide official statistical information, industry association sites and commercial databases, which contain company data.


Data Cleaning, Categorization & Normalization

The AI platform eliminates any data anomalies and omissions using the ‘smart’ system of mathematical and statistical tools developed by our experts, in combination with the principles of machine learning


Building Predictive Models to Generate Market Analysis & Forecasts

The AI automatically finds the best predictive model for the data. Using data mining principles, it is possible to construct multifactor models, thereby generating market analysis and forecasts.Data-driving Decision Making


Data-driving Decision Making

The use of the artificial intelligence platform makes it possible to find actionable insights and generate data-driven decisions for growing your business. The advantage of these solutions lies in the fact that they are based on hard and reliable data, obtained during the multi-cycle processes of the AI platform, which is constantly being updated and improved.


Actinable Insignts For Growing Your Business

Know about our AI in brief

  • Data Collection

  • Data Cleaning

  • Building Predictive

  • Data Visuaization

  • Data-Driving
    Decision Making